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Advocacy Tracker

One of the core pillars of the Preservation Society of Nashville's work is advocacy. We truly believe that broad-scale, impactful, and lasting preservation change will happen in City Hall and in board rooms sitting across from developers and property owners. Follow our key advocacy work through this tracker page. Know of a property that should be on our radar? Email us at for us to investigate further. 

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Belle Meade Theatre

5/7/24: As of May 6th, the developer is still incorporating a final punch list of changes from NDOT. We are still hopeful that the development team will share the latest site plans with us prior to the Planning Commission meeting. They have yet to submit to Planning to get on any meeting agendas. We'll keep you posted on any additional details and meeting schedules. Stay tuned!


Colemere Manor

5/8/24: Led by Council Member Russ Bradford and other council members, a new resolution has been filed. In short, this resolution requests the MNAA and the Metro Codes Department to provide written notice of any actions taken to demolish, relocate, or otherwise permanently alter the building. The resolution was on the May 7, 2024 Metro Council Meeting agenda, and it passed with 30 of 32 votes in favor. We will continue to monitor MNAA's next steps with the property and keep PSN supporters updated.



Zoning Bills BL2024-185, 186, 187, etc.

5/8/24: As of the 4/2/24 Council Meeting, Council Member Evans-Segall withdrew bills 185 and 186. Bill 187 was on the May 7, 2024 Council Meeting agenda. In that meeting, Council Member Rollin Horton moved to defer the bill to the next council meeting on May 21, 2024 after receiving helpful comments from other council members, members of the public, and staff in the Metro Planning Department. He called them compromises that he believes improve the bill and have been incorporated into a substitute. The substitute will now have time to go to the Planning Commission (May 9, 2024 meeting) before the next Council meeting. The deferral to May 21 was supported unanimously. PSN is continuing to research and monitor the legislation to best understand its potential affect on the historic character of the city.


Prospective Douglas Corner Historic Preservation Overlay

5/7/24: Please join the Preservation Society of Nashville and other interested community members for a virtual meeting on May 20, 2024 at 2:00 pm to discuss the possibility of a Historic Preservation Zoning Overlay for the buildings at Douglas Corner. No boundaries have been decided at this time but the general area at 8th Avenue South and S Douglas Avenue is being considered. Please contact Robin Zeigler at to be added to the meeting.

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Photo Credit: Nashville Scene

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