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Preservation Society of Nashville

Founding Members

The Founding Members of the Preservation Society of Nashville were the first supporters to give $500 or more to the organization in its first year of operation, 2022 through December 2023. We honor these members and will recognize them in perpetuity for their support.

we honor you...

Jane Abercrombie Runge

Susan Andrews Thompson

Gina Ball

Kelleigh Bannen

Sue Bannen

Bari Beasley

Heidi Campbell

L. Ashley Canter

Murphie Clem

Kerry Conley

Darden Copeland

Nick Dryden

Gary Everton, FAIA

Becky Filipski

Rachel Fogarty

Mary Ellen Fortune

David Garrett

Megan Garrett

Liza Graves

Laura Graye

Becky Rose Grinwald

Anna Grizzle

Daniel Grossman

Rachel Halvorson

Madison Hanten

Meg Hershey

Monchiere Holmes Jones

Colson Horton

Katie Howell Fayard

Leigh Ivey Hicks

Chad James

A. Kelly

Katherine Kelly

Amanda Khouri

Susan Lamb

Dyan Laramey

Allison Lechleiter

Tyler Litwack

Emily Magid

Anne and Mark Manner

Elizabeth Mayhall

Wade McMinn

Keith Meacham

Paige Messina

Sondra Morris

Judy Orr

Bentley Palmer

Benji Peck

Lauren Pendleton

Mary Ellen Pethel

Laura Renkis

Krista Roser

Kate Satz

Mark Simmons

Kendall Simmons

Rebecca Simon

Ellen Smith

Cyril Stewart

Ashley Striebinger Milkove

Annie Tipps

Mary Ann Weprin

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