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August Update

Latest DHPZO Progress as of August 14, 2023


During Metro Council's second reading/public hearing on August 1st, several PSN leaders spoke in favor of the overlay expansion and a few of the commercial property owners spoke against having their specific properties included in the overlay. An owner representative also requested that more be done to solidify the bonus height program and other planning tools prior to the expansion's passage. PSN supports additional development tools like the bonus height program, which is slated for later planning commission and Metro Council meetings this year. In addition, council member Freddie O'Connell (bill sponsor) said he would work consider removing some of those properties for the final reading. At the 2nd reading, the bill had unanimous support from Metro Council.

The final step is the 3rd public reading at the August 15th Metro Council Meeting. We still need your voice of support. Please consider emailing the council members about BL2023-2054! Click the link below to draft the email...

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Download supporting materials
These are only some of the iconic properties that the overlay will help protect...
Historic Preservation Overlay 101 with
Robin Zeigler, Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission
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